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All we can say is WOW!

Thank you so much Cheryl for your creativity and vision. We have lived in our home since December 2000 , our living room has been the same set up for 18 years , boring .

Cheryl came to our home just before Christmas , she took some measurements and pictures then she went to her drawing board to work her magic. Yesterday she returned with her team of muscles and rearranged our living room. It was very exciting as we were not allowed to help, we waited with excitement until they were finished. I felt like we should have been filming for a TV show lol. When they finished they asked us to come to the living room , WOW we were so thrilled with the new design, we honestly thought there was nothing else we could do with this room, but Cheryl proved that there was.

We completely enjoyed watching TV last night in our NEW living room , it felt more relaxing , inviting and larger.

If you are looking for a refresh to a room or looking to do some staging to sell your home , we highly recommend Cheryl from Home Sweet Home Staging .

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